Creating Time For Your Health

Time management has never been something I’m great at.
Usually it feels like my time belongs to everyone else.

I can’t blame myself. In fact, most of us are raised this way and it’s completely normal.

In elementary school, every second of every day was planned:
school, sports, clubs, homework, sleep, repeat.

Weekends were filled with trips to see family, swim meets, or just more homework.

Then college was a lot of the same:
classes, clubs, friends, internships, jobs, stupid boyfriends, the right boyfriend ( now my fiance) and whatever else college threw at me.

When I graduated college I thought maybe my own life would finally start. I’d have my own job, my own place, my own hobbies that I could pursue in my free time, my own vacations I could go on, etc.

Instead I ended up feeling that time was slipping by even FASTER .

I realized I was in a career that I didn’t love (or even like). I was working at work, and then also working at home. Drinking 2 venti mochas a day to keep my energy and emotions up. Going to the gym once in a while when I felt “motivated” because all the stress and mochas were finally catching up to me. I felt like I had no control over what was happening in my day to day life.

Then I found my coach and started realizing what my life was, what I wanted it to be, and how I could get there. I lost 20 lbs, I started working toward my own coaching business, I started showing up more in my relationship with Mike and it felt like I was making gains towards what I wanted my life to be.

And yet still I find myself saying “THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME.”

I want to remind you to have compassion and love for who you are right now.
What has gotten me to my weight loss goal is this belief:

” There are no mistakes, only learning opportunities”

What does this mean? It means that no matter how shitty or awesome life is right now, there is always tomorrow. There is always a chance to do the same amazing job or a chance to do something completely different.

So maybe today you went home after work and watched netflix.
Maybe you planned to go to the gym and instead went out for drinks.
Maybe you had another project added to your already busy as heck workload and you’re feeling frustrated and hopeless.

It’s okay. It’s normal. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Write down everything you did today or that you had planned to do today.
    What do you think when looking at that list? Did you have an idea of how things would go? What does it mean to you that things didn’t go as you planned?
    Be curious about it… What do you think this means about you? Notice the story your brain is creating.

  2. Circle all of the to-do’s that are MUST dos. Things that you want to do and things that you prioritize getting done.

  3. Cross off anything that would be “nice” to get done but isn’t really necessary and doesn’t get you closer to where you want to be.

  4. Plan your to-do’s. If planning an entire week seems too daunting, just plan the next 24 hours. Plan your free time first, then add the must-do’s. In fact, if it’s a Tuesday afternoon and you feel like the day has gotten “out of control” just plan the rest of today! It’s never too late to make the next decision.

  5. See how it goes and then repeat the process! Each time you get up and try again, you will get a little bit stronger and better at doing what you say you’re going to do.

    Soon, being “someone who gets s*** done” is just going to be another part of who you are.

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