Group Coaching Program



-Ready to Lose Weightloss Course
-Weekly Group Coaching with BB

-Member Only Facebook Community and Accountability

-Specialized Homework and Exclusive Materials

-12 weeks of group coaching, 2 calls each week


What people are saying…

” Like most people, I was feeling stuck, frustrated, and even broken. Before coaching, I had no idea how to tune into hunger cues. I had the belief that everything I did made me gain weight. Especially the weekends. Maintaining my weight was not something I had ever figured out to do. All I knew was restrictive calorie counting. To be honest, I felt really out of control with food. After just one session with Billie, I started to recognize the THOUGHTS that were keeping me in that place of feeling hopeless. I started to notice how I was using food to cope with stress… The most important thing I learned working with Billie, was that WEIGHT loss coaching was more about LIFE coaching. The way I was living my life, dealing with stress, eating for my emotions… all led to the struggle with my body.

Over the span of six months of working with Billie, I lost twenty pounds, created a consistent morning and evening routine, added daily activity and exercise, stayed hydrated, grew in confidence, and learned how to NOT be out of control with food (which of course means I now know how to maintain my weight!). Investing in coaching was investing in myself. Billie taught me how to show up for me, and stay consistent with my goals. All in a way that makes me WANT to keep going. Health is a journey, not a destination. Starting that journey with Billie was seriously the best decision I could have made, and the best one you could make too! ” -Alyssa

” This sums it up perfectly! I went to a doctor’s appointment (which I was dreading) and she actually commented repeatedly on how much weight i’ve lost and all the healthy habits that are now incorporated into my life.

It feels so good that she noticed all that, but also made me realize how many changes I have made and didn’t even realize. They just FEEL LIKE ME!

Coaching has helped me change my weight and my health, but also the way I view myself and my life.

I am down 20lbs and feeling empowered and confident with my body, my choices, and my ability to create what I want.” -Sandy

“Before I came across Billie’s podcast Ready to lose I was starting to feel like I would always be overweight. I hated myself when I looked in the mirror and I would agonise for hours over what to wear whenever I had to go to a social event. The clothes I bought were not what I liked, but what I thought would make me look thinner than I was.

I am a busy Mum of 3 and resented the thought that people might look at me and think I’m lazy, when the reality is that I never stop. I had become convinced that to lose the weight I would have to completely overhaul my life and I just couldn’t fit it in.

When I started to listen to the podcast it was like a light bulb went on and every word made sense to me. Weight loss really can be that simple! 

Signing up for coaching was the best decision I have made. Billie helped me pick through my own head and identify the thoughts I had that were holding me back. She helped me become a friend to myself rather than a bully. I feel like I am no longer stuck in all or nothing mode and I have lost a total of 54lbs without having to give anything up. I have way more energy now, and feel so much more love and pride for myself.

I recently ran in a 10k race and wore a bikini on holiday! I’m so grateful for everything Billie has taught me and would recommend anyone who is feeling stuck should get in touch with Billie. Thank you so much!” -Ellen

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