About Me

My name is Billie Blake

and I help women LOVE themselves all the way to their goal

I spent 10 years of my life trying every fad diet I could think of

giving up

beating myself up

telling myself “this is just who I am and where my body is meant to be”

setting my goal again

and repeating the entire cycle.

There is SO much diet information out there, but nobody tells you:
– how to create weightloss in a way you want to LIVE it
– how to process food urges and actually eat what you planned
– or how to unlearn desire for foods you’re always craving and overeating

So I learned how to lose 20lbs without crazy diets and exercise programs and now I help other women do the same.

Once I stopped feeling “stuck” at my weight. I stopped feeling “stuck” in my job, my relationship, and my LIFE.

I can show you how.

Let’s get started

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Who am I ?
My name is Billie Risboskin and I am a Certified Weight Loss Coach. I KNOW what it feels like to lose and gain back the same 5-10 pounds and feel confused about what food rules you should be following. That’s why I am so good at helping women lose their weight for the last time.
I’ve been there. But now I’m 20lbs lighter and still losing. The same is possible for you.

I have helped dozens of women stop feeling stuck with their weight. My clients lose 15, 20, 30 lbs and finally feel like they have control over their health.

I am so passionate about helping women learn to LOVE themselves along the way so healthy living never has to feel like punishment or deprivation. Let’s figure this out NOW so you never have to feel stuck with your weight again. I can help you get there. Sign up for a free session here!

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Billie Risboskin Certified Weight Coach
Email: billierisboskin@gmail.com
IG: @bb.risboskin

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